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Design and HTML/CSS/JS Coding by Responsee Team, www.myresponsee.com. Licensed under MIT.

MFGlabs Icon Set is licensed under CC-BY / SIL.

Open Sans Webfont is licensed under Apache Font License.

Bebas Webfont is freeware by flat-it.com.

Minor code enhancements and adaption of all this for WBCE is done by meerwinck communication (meerwinck.com) and licensed under WTFPL.

Cloud background image by Florian Meerwinck, licensed under WTFPL.
See info.php for more information.

Autor / Author Responsee Team / meerwinck communication
Lizenz / License Varoius
2 Blöcke / Blocks Main Content, Hidden
2 Menüs / MenusMain navigation, Not in navigation
Menüart / Menu style Vertikal links
Frontend-Anmeldung / Frontend login
Suche / Search
Responsiv / Responsive