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Template responsee_blog


Design and HTML/CSS/JS Coding by Responsee Team, www.myresponsee.com. Licensed under MIT.

MFGlabs Icon Set is licensed under CC-BY / SIL.

Open Sans Webfont is licensed under Apache Font License.

Bebas Webfont is freeware by flat-it.com.

Minor code enhancements and adaption of all this for WBCE is done by meerwinck communication (meerwinck.com) and licensed under WTFPL.

Cloud background image by Florian Meerwinck, licensed under WTFPL.


Important: The left navigation bar mandantory needs a certain droplet to look nice - import droplet_responseenav.zip from the template package to the droplets module; available icons are listed here.

Important: If an item in the navigation has child pages, the parent item is NOT linked. On click there are hust the child pages displayed/hidden. So parent items should be of the type "menu link" to avoid non-accessable content pages.

The template provides a scroller and a nice look for news/blog entries. The scroller has a quite simple structure which can be generated by the output of the members module or a code2 section:


<div class="line">
<div id="owl-demo" class="owl-carousel owl-theme margin-bottom">


<div class="item"><a href="{link?}"><img src="{image}" alt=""></a></div>


<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
navigation : true,
slideSpeed : 300,
paginationSpeed : 400,
autoPlay : true,

To format the news/topics/whatever output like the example, use:


<article class="line">
<div class="margin">
<div class="s-12 m-12 l-2 date">
<i class="icon-calendar"></i>
<div class="s-12 m-12 l-10">
{intro text}


{long text}


<p><a href="{BACK}">{Back text}</a></p>
<hr />

Of course you have to replace the pseudo code in curly brackets above with the real placeholders which are used by the modules!

Autor / Author Responsee Team / meerwinck communication
Lizenz / License Varoius
2 Blöcke / Blocks Main Content, Hidden
2 Menüs / MenusMain navigation, Not in navigation