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Template KeepItSimple by Styleshout

Info: KEEP IT SIMPLE is a clean and minimalist website template designed primarily for blog sites. The design doesn't use many images; it focuses more on content and typography. It has a fully responsive design and looks great on all types of screens and
devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile).

Autor / Author styleshout, florian, chio
Lizenz / License CC-BY 3.0, see readme.txt
5 Blöcke / Blocks Hauptinhalt, Rechte Spalte, Oben breit, Unten breit, keiner
3 Menüs / MenusNormal, Meta (Fußzeile), Unsichtbar
Menüart / Menu style Horizontal
Frontend-Anmeldung / Frontend login Nein / No
Suche / Search Ja / Yes
Responsiv / Responsive Ja / Yes