Template Simple Responsive

Info DE: Aufgeräumtes, responsives Template; neu: jetzt auch mit Slider. Sliderbilder ins Verzeichnis /media/header-pics/{Page-ID} (z.B. /media/header-pics/2) hochladen, dann werden im grauen Kasten oben auf der Seite mit der ID 2 statt der Seitenüberschrift die in dem Verzeichnis gefundenen Bilder als Slider angezeigt.

Info EN: Simple is a responsive starter template. It is intended to be basic and bare-bone, with minimum styling and options included. Still, it has features clients usually would ask for: menu with drop-downs, slider, grid layout.

If you want to use the slider, create a directory /media/header-pics/{Page-ID}, for example /media/header-pics/2, and upload there some images. They will be shown instead of the headline in the grey box on top of the page with the ID 2 then.

Autor / Author Prowebdesign.ro
Lizenz / License Common Public Attribution License Version 1.0 (CPAL-1.0). You are free to use Simple Responsive Template in personal or commercial projects as long as you keep the attribution notice. Concerning the included web fonts see license files in the /fonts fold
2 Blöcke / Blocks Main, Right
1 Menüs / MenusMainmenu
Menüart / Menu style Horizontal
Frontend-Anmeldung / Frontend login
Suche / Search
Responsiv / Responsive